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Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up! — LeBron James. If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. — Lt. Gen Jay Silveria

"Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!"— LeBron James  YES. And directed directly at Donald Trump. "...

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Trump Transition Emails: "would not be held back in any law enforcement" actions" "no expectation of privacy can be assumed."


"[GSA Deputy Counsel Lenny] Loewentritt — whose LinkedIn represents that he has worked at the agency since 1972 — disputed the claims made in the letter sent by the Trump campaign.

"Beckler never made that commitment," he said of the claim that any requests for transition records would be routed to the Trump campaign's counsel.

Specifically, Loewentritt said, "in using our devices," transition team members were informed that materials "would not be held back in any law enforcement" actions.

Loewentritt read to BuzzFeed News a series of agreements that anyone had to agree to when using GSA materials during the transition, including that there could be monitoring and auditing of devices and that, "Therefore, no expectation of privacy can be assumed."
As to whether the Trump campaign should have been informed of the request, Loewentritt said, "That's between the Special Counsel and the transition team."

Asked about Langhofer's letter and Loewentritt's statements — and after publication of this story — a spokesperson for the Special Counsel's Office, Peter Carr, told BuzzFeed News, “When we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process.”

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cyprus is at the Heart of Trump's Circle of Corrupt Russian Financing


Wow, this is so heinous it just reeks. So much shady dealing it's truly hard to believe.
And infuriating that such con men have infiltrated the US political system so well at this point.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Times Picayune: Most accurate climate change models predict the most alarming consequences, study finds

Here  These figures are getting super-dangerous for the web of life on Earth. When we decide not to adhere to the best and most rigorous truths of science, our species is in trouble.

Each of us has to do better, and urge our local, state, and national governments to do better.

We have to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

"Under a high-warming scenario in which large emissions continue throughout the century, the models as a whole give a mean warming of 4.3 degrees Celsius (or 7.74 degrees Fahrenheit), plus or minus 0.7 degrees Celsius, for the period between 2081 and 2100, the study noted. But the best models, according to this test, gave an answer of 4.8 degrees Celsius (8.64 degrees Fahrenheit), plus or minus 0.4 degrees Celsius."

The Guardian: Climate change is the story you missed in 2017. And the media is to blame

Here  While Donald Trump thrashes about and the GOP try to stuff their fossil fuel donor pockets, #this headline. Regardless of how many chips Trump and Tillerson and who knows who has on Rosneft and Russian oil and gas... the planet is heating too fast.

Smarter and better people will need to prevail. Will need to show up, fight, lead and prevent the worst that these these terrible people could do to the planet, and us all.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

GOP Tax Plan a Money Grab In A Big Way


Shameful that middle class families get hit and the debt gets hit, so the top 1% GET A LARGESSE.

People are keeping track of this. Shameful, irresponsible, black-hearted money grab by the have's, damn the have-nots. AND TRY TO RAID MEDICARE, MEDICAID AND SOCIAL SECURITY TO PAY FOR WHILE YOU ARE AT IT. #ridiculous #GOP #trainrobbery

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

BAN Bump Stocks - Sign Petition to Congress here


Ban bump stocks and any accessory that make semi automatic weapons fire fully automatic. 

STOP Gutting Federal Gun Laws - Sign petition Here


Tell Congress #Enough. Sign this petition to tell Members of Congress to:
  • Vote no on H.R. 3668, the SHARE Act that would gut long-standing regulations on silencers and loosen restrictions on armor piercing bullets.
  • Block H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act that would force states to honor the concealed carry weapons permits of every other state, regardless of how lax the other state's law.
  • Ban weapons of war: assault weapons and large capacity magazines, which have no place in the hands of private citizens. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Thousands of scientists issue bleak ‘second notice’ to humanity - The Washington Post

Thousands of scientists issue bleak ‘second notice’ to humanity - The Washington Post 

We have to take stock of where our hearts are, where our values are, and come together as a people -- as a species -- and agree upon working for our communal survival.

"In late 1992, 1,700 scientists from around the world issued a dire “warning to humanity.” They said humans had pushed Earth's ecosystems to their breaking point and were well on the way to ruining the planet."

“If not checked,” wrote the scientists, led by particle physicist and Union of Concerned Scientists co-founder Henry Kendall,
“many of our current practices put at serious risk the future that we
wish for human society and the plant and animal kingdoms, and may so
alter the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in the
manner that we know.”

But things were only going to get worse.

To mark the letter's 25th anniversary, researchers have issued a bracing follow-up. In a communique published Monday in the journal BioScience,
more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries assess the world's
latest responses to various environmental threats. Once again, they find
us sorely wanting.

has failed to make sufficient progress in generally solving these
foreseen environmental challenges, and alarmingly, most of them are
getting far worse,” they write.

Sunset, Venice 12/20/2012

Sunset, Venice 12/20/2012
I've been thinking some about the Winter Solstice, the Mayan end of the 30,000-year-cycle on 12/21/12.

What if in fact the world did end? To live consciously, even though this probably will not happen, it is honest to take a bit of an inventory.

Am I happy with how I've lived my life? (Yesterday, I thought mostly yes, with some areas for improvement, as below.) Are there changes I would make?
Would I have tried to forgive those that were hostile or disappointing to me?
Would I spend more time with those I loved the most, telling them that, feeling that more?
Would I be happier, grateful for what I have, what I've experienced, the joy, the beauty in this world?

Maybe the answer is yes to all of the above.
So this time can serve as a point of rebirth for all of us. If we think about it.

Because somewhere I realized I think maybe mankind deserves it. !
The way we are killing each other, killing the planet.
How selfish we are, and snotty to those around us. Petty, competitive. Why is this? Do we have to behave this way? (I say no, it greatly detracts and misdirects energy from the full-time celebration in which we could engage, the great multi-cultural, multi-rhythmic dance we can sustain here.)

Maybe God or the Great Universe is fed up, and will pull the rug out from under us.
Don't think I can say we could blame Him/Her/It.

But it probably won't happen. (Probably not! This time.)

Still we are finite on this ride.

It is a time to think, am I happy with how I've lived my life?
Hopefully most of us can say yes.

For the part of us that have a little worry, a little sadness....
This is the time to be present.
This is the time to be the person you want to be, that can die at peace, that can hope to every day be able to look yourself and the Universe in the eye and say, how beautiful, smiling, and thank you. Let's do that.

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