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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Counterprotesters dwarf controversial rally in Boston - CNN

Counterprotesters dwarf controversial rally in Boston - CNN 


Counterprotesters on Saturday made clear to the organizers that their views were not welcome in Boston.
"The extreme difference of the size of the two groups is a statement in itself," Christopher Marino, who shot a video overlooking Boston Common, told CNN.

Friday, July 7, 2017

World Aligns Against Trump Policies, the Planet and People Suffer, Trump Allows th 'Most Vicious' Republican Party in History

Here -- At G-20, world aligns against Trump policies ranging from free trade to climate change
Here  -- Great Barrier Reef has 'little chance of surviving' despite NOT being on 'danger' list
Here -- Trump is enabling and condoning the 'most vicious Republican Party in history'

Sunset, Venice 12/20/2012

Sunset, Venice 12/20/2012
I've been thinking some about the Winter Solstice, the Mayan end of the 30,000-year-cycle on 12/21/12.

What if in fact the world did end? To live consciously, even though this probably will not happen, it is honest to take a bit of an inventory.

Am I happy with how I've lived my life? (Yesterday, I thought mostly yes, with some areas for improvement, as below.) Are there changes I would make?
Would I have tried to forgive those that were hostile or disappointing to me?
Would I spend more time with those I loved the most, telling them that, feeling that more?
Would I be happier, grateful for what I have, what I've experienced, the joy, the beauty in this world?

Maybe the answer is yes to all of the above.
So this time can serve as a point of rebirth for all of us. If we think about it.

Because somewhere I realized I think maybe mankind deserves it. !
The way we are killing each other, killing the planet.
How selfish we are, and snotty to those around us. Petty, competitive. Why is this? Do we have to behave this way? (I say no, it greatly detracts and misdirects energy from the full-time celebration in which we could engage, the great multi-cultural, multi-rhythmic dance we can sustain here.)

Maybe God or the Great Universe is fed up, and will pull the rug out from under us.
Don't think I can say we could blame Him/Her/It.

But it probably won't happen. (Probably not! This time.)

Still we are finite on this ride.

It is a time to think, am I happy with how I've lived my life?
Hopefully most of us can say yes.

For the part of us that have a little worry, a little sadness....
This is the time to be present.
This is the time to be the person you want to be, that can die at peace, that can hope to every day be able to look yourself and the Universe in the eye and say, how beautiful, smiling, and thank you. Let's do that.

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